Couples and Marriage Issues

Couples always have issues. It is part of life, and in order to maintain a functional relationship there must be good and adequate negotiation on many topics. Sometimes, these negotiations fail, and conflict ensues. At other times there are issues that affect a couple such as outside influences (other family members, outside agencies, legal issues) or mental health/substance abuse topics that prevent a couple from reaching their potentially high level of happiness. Counseling and guidance can help. Marriage counseling is available in Hilo, and all you need to do is make an appointment. If you are not married, it’s fine, couples’ counseling in Hilo is also available. I specialize in alternative lifestyle counseling, so feel comfortable that your creative relationship is respected and honored. I specialize in behavioral approaches, which simply means trying new things at home, trying out new  habits, and learning/practicing communication skills.

Does your partner/spouse not want to attend counseling? No problem! You can learn ways to improve your relationship, and take your new skills home for improved quality of life.