Matthew Brittain


License and State: LCSW-3048 Hawaii

Matthew Brittain has been practicing psychotherapy as a LCSW in Hilo, Hawaii, since 1997. At that time he was the first social worker in Hilo to provide clinical mental health and substance abuse treatment services as a third-party-eligible provider participating with medical insurance companies. Graduating from Hana High School in 1979, Mr. Brittain has obtained a BA degree in Psychology and also a BA in Hawaiian studies, (both from UH Hilo) as well as a Masters degree in Pacific Islands Studies and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Proficient in the Hawaiian language, Mr. Brittain is familiar with the diverse cultures on the Big Island, and has a fairly good handle on the unique values of many of the unique and amazing people who make Hawaii a home.

Mr. Brittain has studied in depth, and obtained extensive therapeutic/clinical experience, in several focused-need categories. During his Practicum placement with his MSW curriculum at Kulani Prison. Mr. Brittain obtained specific knowledge, skill and experience working with the incarcerated male sex offender population. This inspired Mr. Brittain to further his studies and skill in treatment of sex abuse victims as well as providing clinical guidance to individuals and couples who are experiencing a variety of sexual dysfunctions. Also, as an associated skill secondary to his experience at Kulani Prison, Mr. Brittain obtained education, skill and experience in the realm of processing clinical information in preparation for legal proceedings (both criminal and civil). As a Forensic Social Worker, Mr. Brittain has been an Expert Witness in Circuit Court and Family Court on the Big Island on a number of occasions. Mr. Brittain is comfortable and willing to work with attorneys on legally-complex cases, and will operate as an expert witness in those cases, or provide reports to the appropriate parties as the patient determines to be needed and helpful.