Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

I will help guide adults and children who have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to have a higher quality of life. I prefer to use the least invasive treatment method possible, beginning with analysis and modifications of diet, family dynamics, history of disruptions, and possible differential diagnoses. If needed, specific interventions addressing behavior management and environmental modifications are implemented. If more intensive treatment is needed then I advise that we test the patient with the TOVA ( ) to establish a baseline level of patient functioning. We will then coordinate care with third-party providers (the patient's primary care provider, for instance) to create a treatment plan that achieves the desired outcome with the lowest dose of medication. Ongoing treatment plan modification will be made depending on the result of additional TOVA results. Once the patient is functioning Within Normal Limits, we have, then, achieved a maintenance level that can be maintained, and monitored periodically. 

ADHD is often misdiagnosed. Proper treatment of ADHD in Hilo at our clinic location involves identifying other possible conditions that could be mistaken for ADHD. In the instance that there are other conditions, we provide treatment for depression, treatment for anxiety, treatment for PTSD, and treatment for substance abuse disorders. ADHD treatment in our Hilo office also involves identifying when ADHD is not identified as the primary concern. Misdiagnosis of ADHD also occurs when ADHD is indeed present, but hasn’t yet been properly identified.

Treatment of ADHD in our Hilo office may also include dietary changes. Symptoms of ADHD are often due to diet (either a person is consuming foods that have an adverse effect, or not eating foods that could stabilize a person’s symptoms, or a combination thereof). Coordination with a dietician might be helpful in situations like this. Often times the proper treatment of ADHD involves a number of approaches, and we will work with you as a team to create the most effective treatment plan.