Court-Involved patients (Forensic cases)

I have specific education, skill and training in providing expert testimony for patients with ongoing criminal and civil cases. I normally provide correspondence to attorneys to present in legal proceedings, and also provide expert testimony in my areas of expertise. Some of the topics that I have provided expert witness include divorce and child custody issues, cannabis related offenses and petitions to moderate potential legal ramifications to the patients related to mental illness and substance abuse issues. Also, as part of this specialization, I provide compliance treatment for patients on probation and parole. I also work with patients and their attorneys to assist patients to apply for Social Security. Legal chores are not covered by medical insurance, so if a patient wants to purchase these services then I accept a retainer just like lawyers do (normally, the patient's attorney handles payments for my services). My fee schedule for forensic cases is as follows: Diagnostic and treatment sessions are billed as usual; Legal document review, correspondence with attorneys/others, and report preparation is billed at $300 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments; Sworn testimony, either in the form of Sworn Deposition or for Examination in court proceedings, is $400 per hour, in 15-minute increments, billed from when I leave my office to when I return to my office from the courthouse (even if I am not called to testify). Certain additional Informed Consent documents, as well as a Contract for Expert Witness, must be done prior to purchasing these services.